MIPS and POC settle lawsuit over alleged infringement of safety technology

STOCKHOLM (BRAIN) — MIPS and POC Sweden say they have agreed to settle a legal dispute over intellectual property used in ski and bike helmets. The companies say they have agreed to work together to develop safer helmets. POC was one of the first helmet brands to use MIPS technology, said to reduce the likelihood of brain injuries from rotational impacts on a helmet.

Sweet Protection releases its spring mountain bike apparel and helmet line

OSLO, Norway (BRAIN) — Sweet Protection has announced the arrival of its spring mountain bike line for men and women. The Norwegian brand said highlights of the spring line include the updated Sweet Protection Bushwhacker II MTB helmet and Dissenter helmet. The Bushwacker II is an enduro/trail bike helmet that now includes STACC ventilation, which the company said ensures uninterrupted airflow over the temporal artery to enhance cooling

Fox launches redesigned Flux trail helmet

CALABASAS, Calif. (BRAIN) — Fox Racing introduced its deep-coverage Flux trail helmet back in 2006

POC moves from MIPS to its own SPIN technology for helmets

PARK CITY, Utah (BRAIN) — POC is launching new 2018 model year bike helmets with its own SPIN technology to reduce injuries from oblique impacts.

POC moves from MIPS to its own SPIN technology for helmets

PARK CITY, Utah (BRAIN) — POC is launching new 2018 model year bike helmets with its own SPIN technology to reduce injuries from oblique impacts. The company was one of the first to use the MIPS technology, which promises similar benefits. A company spokesman said SPIN, which stands for “Shearing Pads Inside” is a more integrated system

MIPS hires Shapleigh, Lowgren and Pietrzak

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (BRAIN) — MIPS, the maker of a system intended to reduce brain injury from rotational impacts, has hired three long-time helmet industry executives. Greg Shapleigh, who worked with the Giro brand from 1990 until leaving the brand’s current owner, Vista Outdoor, earlier this year , is joining MIPS as a strategic advisor and will work from California. “This is a signi?cant time in the evolution of helmets and I’m very happy to be in a position to contribute to making them better meet the needs of all users,” Shapleigh said.

MIPS technology on rapid growth in bike segment

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — While MIPS’ origin dates back to 1995, when Swedish neurosurgeon Hans Von Holst began evaluating helmets and studying head trauma, it’s only in recent years that the multi-directional impact protection system has become a buzz word in the bike industry.

Bell and Giro offer 25% off helmets with trade-in program

Do you have an old helmet in need of replacement? This might be the time to upgrade. From now through the end of October, both Bell and Giro are offering riders the chance to swap their old helmet — regardless of brand — for a new, MIPS-equipped model and receive a 25% discount off the purchase price. 

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Regardless of the brand, experts at helmet safety certification institutes recommend that riders replace their helmets at least every five years — even if there’s no visible damage, and even if you’ve never crashed in it, as the EPS foam liner degrades over time. 


This 25% discount incentivizes an upgrade to a MIPS-equipped model. This offer applies to select 2016 Bell and Giro helmets with the MIPS multi-directional impact protection system, including a number of children’s models. 

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Scott Arx Plus helmet

We’ve always liked Scott’s ARX helmet, thanks to its 22 large cooling vents and its reasonable price. The new Plus version adds MIPS to an already impressive mix.

MIPS is a patented ‘Brain Protection System’ that is claimed to increase safety by separating the shell and the liner with a low-friction layer, allowing the helmet to slide relative to your head in the event of an angled impact (see top right for further info). The ARX’s MIPS system is anchored to the shell by three rubber straps, which permit the necessary movement without interfering with how well the lid fits on your head.

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Scott has previously incorporated MIPS technology into its mountain bike and winter sport helmets. We’re pleased that now MIPS has hit Scott’s road range it hasn’t resulted in a significant price hike over the standard lid.

Adding MIPS increases the weight, but our large helmet weighs 282g, which is just 20g more than the standard ARX. And frankly, low weight is not the first thing we look for when it comes to safety.

The ARX Plus is particularly impressive at the front, where its large internal channels and a well-vented brow prevent the build-up of sweat. Vertical adjustment may be limited to three press-studs offering 20mm of adjustability, which is less than sliders offer on top-level lids, but this proved perfectly adequate in practice. The small rear dial offers true micro-adjustment, which helps get a precise fit.

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Giro’s latest Montaro MIPS helmet blends safety and style

The US150 / £129 / €180 Montaro helmet (or Montara for the women’s specific version) is Giro’s latest mountain bike brainbox. Introduced to satisfy the requirements of enduro and trail riders, its full-coverage design prioritises safety and staying cool.

Each Montaro features the increasingly popular MIPS system (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) as standard equipment – a technology that reduces the rotational forces the brain can be subjected to during certain impacts.

Its in-mold polycarbonate shell also features 16 vents and internal channeling to keep you from getting hot-headed. Should you work up a sweat then the Montaro’s hydrophilic, anti-microbial pads can get to work – they’re capable of absorbing up to 10 times their weight in perspiration.


A cutaway view of the MIPS system, fitted as standard to the Montaro and Montara helmets

The enduro crew will be relieved to learn the Montaro is perfectly happy with goggles in place – that’s thanks to an adjustable visor and strap grippers at the back of the shell. Similarly, those looking to mount a helmet cam or light can do so safely thanks to a breakaway interface.

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