BionX hires two in sales and engineering departments

AURORA, Ontario (BRAIN) —?Canadian e-bike system manufacturer BionX International has announced two new hires: W. Tyler Meyers, hired as director of global sales, and V- Bond Lee, hired as vice president of engineering

Retailers, compared to ten years ago, are there more, the same, or fewer bike shops in your market now?

Choices More About the same Fewer I don't know More 35% (52 votes) About the same 22% (32 votes) Fewer 37% (55 votes) I don't know 6% (9 votes) Total votes: 148

Opus to launch new line with three-stop Canada tour


Magura’s limited edition MT7 Raceline brakes feature special color

500 sets will be available in the U.S. OLNEY, Ill

Brad Hughes opening U.S. office for his consulting company, Matisse


How long can you go? Jon Woodhouse’s extreme geometry hardtail – video

Mountain bike geometry has evolved a fair bit in recent years. On the whole, trail bikes of today are considerably longer in the wheelbase and slacker at the head angle than they were just a few years back. Certain companies are pushing the boundaries more than others in this respect but slowly and surely we’re all starting to reap the benefits of this pursuit to create better handling bikes.

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To find the limits first you must reach them(!) and that’s why Jon Woodhouse, Editor of What Mountain Bike magazine,  took it upon himself to experiment outside of the boundaries depicted by the geometry sheets of current manufacturers. Jon commissioned frame builder BTR fabrications, based in Somerset, UK, to produce a one-off hardtail with geometry you simply cannot get anywhere else.


Jon combined all the current trends of geometry to produce a bike with a 63.5-degree head angle and a 656mm top tube length – that’s the size of a large forward geometry Mondraker frame. To counter those radical dimensions, the BTR’s seat tube angle is set at an equally extreme 75.5 degrees. The chainstays of the frame are long enough to squeeze in the 650b rear wheels with enough clearance for mud but that’s it, in fact the back end was set as short as it’s practical to do so. Similarly, the bottom bracket of the frame is slammed way below the axles.The BTR was then fitted with Mondraker own brand On-Off’s 10mm stem, allowing for steering geometry that can’t be achieved with conventional parts. The wheelbase is, well… just look at it!

Watch the video below as Jon puts his bizarre looking creation to the test and reports his findings. 

Video: The extreme geometry hardtail 

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Whistler Bike

Start: May 31, 2015 End: June 2, 2015 Location: Whistler, British Columbia SQUAMISH, British Columbia (BRAIN) — The first Whistler Bike conference, planned for May 31-June 2 this year, is an event being planned for bike industry marketing and PR professionals interested in sharpening their digital media skills. The event is being produced by and Whistler Mountain Bike Park. It will feature presentations from digital experts in a variety of industries — but not from inside the bike industry, said Darren Kinnaird, the general manager of Whistler’s Crankworx event.

Women’s clothing brand, Evelyn Hill Cycling, adds 3XL to 5XL sizing


Spencer Haugh joins Vittoria inside sales team

BOSTON (BRAIN) —?Vittoria has hired Spencer Haugh as inside sales rep and logistics support.

Lindarets ReMount makes dropper posts easier to use

Love your dropper post but hate the remote that it came with? The new Lindarets ReMount is an ingenious little 20g add-on that moves existing dropper post remotes into a new position that’s not only closer to your thumb but feels more natural to use, too – not unlike a trigger shifter, in fact. We’ve been using one for the past week and must admit that it’s pretty fantastic.

ReMount is similar to the little plastic computer and light mounts you’ve seen for years but with smaller 22.2mm diameters to properly fit mountain bike handlebars. Installation is similarly trivial: just remove your current dropper seatpost remote, install the ReMount below the bar, and then clamp the remote to the ReMount. The tough Delrin clamp easily opens up and snaps around the bar so you don’t have to remove any controls, and the 30mm-long extension provides generous height adjustment.


The simple (but effective) Lindarets ReMount makes existing dropper post remotes much more ergonomic

Although ideally intended for 1x drivetrains, there’s plenty of positioning flexibility to accommodate both a ReMounted dropper remote and a trigger shifter, and the ReMount clamp is even slim enough to slide underneath Shimano gear indicators.

Lindarets admits that the ReMount won’t work for all dropper post remotes. Riders using RockShox Reverb, Crankbrothers Joplin, or Gravity Dropper posts won’t stand to gain anything, for example, but seatposts that use pivoting lever-style remotes such as KS, Thomson, Giant, and Specialized should see noticeable improvements â€“ and not just in terms of ergonomics. ReMount users should also enjoy cleaner cable routing.

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