Huffy launches IBD-only bike line, Batch Bicycles

DAYTON, Ohio (BRAIN) — Huffy Bicycles has announced a new line of bikes to be sold exclusively through IBDs: Batch Bicycles.

Rolf Prima’s Astral rim brand launches complete wheelsets


Houston retailers brave Hurricane Harvey

HOUSTON (BRAIN) — A massive slice of southeast Texas is essentially shut down for business as Hurricane Harvey continues to drench the region in rainfall. Steve Matill, director of sales for Hans Johnsen Company, a Dallas-based distributor, said he knows of at least five stores that are flooded and most likely several more

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Gates celebrating 10 years of its Carbon Drive system with limited edition white belt

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — At the Eurobike show later this month, Gates Corporation will celebrate ten years supplying its Gates Carbon Drive belt drivetrain to bike makers. Among the new belt drive products that Gates will show at Eurobike is a limited edition white belt.  Gates showed early prototypes of its belt drive at the 2007 Eurobike show in the Nicolai booth. Nicolai has continued to be an important R&D partner with Gates.

All-road and gravel bikes, 27- and 29-plus, road plus, e-bikes, shiny components – all were on show at 2017 NAHBS

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (BRAIN) — It’s been called the epicenter of bike innovation. And as you walk the aisles of the North American Handmade Bicycle Show, it’s easy to see why

Lezyne Super Drive 1250 XXL light review

It’s only a few short years since lights putting out as much as 1250 lumens would have meant a head-unit and separate battery, so it’s impressive how quickly both battery and LED light technology have moved on. Lezyne is one of the pioneers of LED technology and the Super Drive is one of its latest to exploit this white light to the full.

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You can rotate the bracket, and the jaws of the mount are soft enough to stretch around slimmer aluminium stems

The XXL controls its output cleverly so you can optimise between lengthy run time and maximum brightness when needed. With six modes and an Overdrive setting, you can run the XXL in 150-lumen flash or pulse mode, which appears like a slow flash, when in town or well-lit areas. In these modes we got more than 24 hours run time. Lezyne claims 25 hours for flash and 35 for pulse.

When your route starts to darken step up through Eco (250 lumens, nine hours, 15 minutes), Enduro (625 lumens, three hours, 45 minutes), Blast (950 lumens, two hours, 40 minutes) or the intensely-bright Overdrive mode, providing enough detail to ride in the dark through wooded singletrack. Note, that will reduce run time to one hour, 50 minutes for the full 1250 lumens.


The single button features a colour change LED; green for 100 percent, yellow for 50, red for 10 and flashing red to indicate five percent battery life. This is good, but doesn’t fully tell you how long you’ve got left. We just took it as when it goes yellow turn the light down, red turn it down further, and if it flashes switch to a flash mode. Charging takes a lengthy eight hours if you’re using a USB port, but if you switch to a wall adaptor (phone charger) it just about halves charge time.

Quite often lights can be big on power, but don’t use it well. Thankfully the lens on the XXL is cleverly shaped. The flat base and curved top projects a solid centre with plenty of spill to highlight the peripheral vision spots and the solid top lip ensures you don’t blind oncoming traffic. Side cutouts on the body offer some side-on visibility too.

At 268g, including the quick-fix rubber mount, and 110 x 45 x 30mm, the XXL is big, but slim enough so that it doesn’t take up too much real estate on your handlebar. You can rotate the bracket, and the jaws of the mount are soft enough to stretch around slimmer aluminium stems. If you can live with the bigger size then the XXL just might be all the front light you’ll ever need.

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Organizers announce winners of 2017 Women’s Bike Mechanic Scholarships

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (BRAIN) — The 16 recipients of the 2017 Women’s Bicycle Mechanics Scholarship have been announced by the program’s organizers: QBP and co-title sponsors SRAM, Park Tool, Michelin and UBI. The women will attend UBI’s Professional Shop Repair and Operations Workshop in Ashland, Oregon, later this month.

Bollé B-Rock glasses review

Some products are intended for use in one market, but can find new life in another, and so it is with Bollé’s B-Rock mountain bike glasses. Since Adam Yates wore them to fourth place overall and the white jersey at this year’s Tour de France, they’ve gained more road attention. Glasses with full rims are back in fashion, partly due to a certain large American brand’s prevalence, but after basic style similarities, things diverge.

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Sharing arms and lens shape with Bollé’s 5th Element rimless road glasses, the B-Rock’s frame is in two sections. The lower part incorporates the replaceable and adjustable hypoallergenic nosepiece that can be tweaked for a comfortable fit, and the upper reinforces the lens between the arms. A slim rubber strip on the frame below each eye and across the brow improves hold, comfort and sweat management too.

Coverage is such that whatever your head position, vision is superb in all directions

The frame has plenty of spring to conform to different head widths, plus almost half of each arm can be bent to conform ideally to your temples and helmet, with a compressible internal rubber strip providing extra grip.


Our pick of the four models available has a Trivex Modulator Brown Emerald lens, which has a light brown tint and multi-layer blue-green mirror coating. Trivex is lighter and stronger than the polycarbonate used in most sunglasses and has great optical qualities, offering superb clarity and sharpness.

Its water and oil-resistant treatments, plus large temple vents, keep it immune from steaming up and other contaminants, and the outer coating reduces dazzling.

Coverage is such that whatever your head position, vision is superb in all directions and the slim frame is almost completely out of sight and never distracting. The Modulator lens is photochromic too, meaning that it adapts to light levels. We’ve found it equally impressive on the brightest days and when going in and out of heavily shaded areas on dull days. The brown tint really improves contrast in all light and their colour vibrancy is uplifting.

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Felt makes radical Olympic track bike available to the public. For $26,000

IRVINE, Calif.

Boyd Cycling offers White Industries hub upgrade on wheelsets

GREENVILLE, S.C. (BRAIN) — Boyd Cycling is now offering White Industries hubs as an upgrade option on all its wheelsets.