You can now subscribe to an e-bike or ’smart bike’

NEW YORK (BRAIN) — The Dutch e-bike brand VanMoof is launching a subscription program for its bikes, starting at $19 per month. The fee provides subscribers with unlimited exclusive access to their bike as long as they need it. The fee also covers maintenance and a theft recovery service offers low-cost tracking device for owners of multiple bikes

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — is taking preorders for a Bluetooth LE-enabled device that attaches to bikes and, among other things, can communicate with the user’s phone to track how often each bike is used.

Cyclists are generating ride data, but what to do with it?

FRIEDRICHSHAFEN, Germany (BRAIN) — Riders are generating data on Strava, Cobi, or riding with smart connected devices like See.Sense and Garmin, but data is collected in many different ways and stored in various locations. One of the questions posed at the Smarter Cycling Conference, sponsored by the European Cyclinsts Federation (ECF) and held Tuesday before Eurobike opened, was to figure out if there is a way to harmonize this ride data and make it available to all. Riders could take advantage of seeing how other cyclists commute to work and try new routes themselves, and municipalities could look at ride data to tailor cycling infrastructure to assist how cyclists already ride.

Competition heats up as Chinese companies target global bike share markets

BEIJING (BRAIN) — Ofo, a Chinese company with plans to rewrite the global rules on bike sharing, got a $700 million cash infusion last week in another round of financing. The cash will help finance its plans to more than triple its distinctive yellow bikes with a global fleet of 20 million units stationed in 200 cities worldwide. And The Wall Street Journal reported Monday that Mobike, Ofo’s chief rival, began advertising for help in the Washington, D.C., area as the company makes plans to move into the U.S

Wahoo becomes ‘Official Technology Partner’ of Rapha Cycling Club

LONDON (BRAIN) — Wahoo Fitness products will be getting involved with Rapha Cycling Club and its locations around the world. Wahoo’s KICKR stationary trainers will be used at the clubs and its ELEMNT GPS bike computers will be mounted to the Canyon bikes that the club loans to members

Volata launches second ’smart bike’ model, to be delivered by Velofix

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — Volata Cycles, which received boatloads of media attention last year with the launch of its Model 1 smart bike, is launching a second model, the Model 1c, which will be delivered to U.S. consumers by Velofix mobile repair operations, where available

Wahoo releases new GPS computer, the ELEMNT Bolt, designed to be more aerodynamic

ATLANTA, Ga. (BRAIN) — Wahoo Fitness has released its second GPS bike computer model, the ELEMNT Bolt.  The $249 Bolt shares many of the same features as the original ELEMNT and has an aerodynamic shape. The company says that wind tunnel testing shows that the Bolt, when attached to its handlebar mount, saves 12 seconds over a 40km time trial, compared to a competitive GPS unit.

Stromer’s new e-bike, the ST1 X, is aimed at the young and stylish

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (BRAIN) — Stromer’s new ST1 X e-bike model is aimed at young and stylish city dwellers

Cerevo device connects cycling sensors to smartphones and the cloud

TOKYO (BRAIN) — The Cerevo RIDE-1 is a frame-mounted bike computer that include a 9-axis sensor, thermometer, atmospheric pressure and brightness sensors as well as GPS.

Planet Bike launches headlight with touch-screen switch