Memphis bike share system planned for spring 2018 launch

New system will be the largest to use B-Cycle's Dash system. MEMPHIS, Tenn

Velofix on track to surpass Performance for the most shops in North America

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (BRAIN) — Velofix has now sold 104 mobile service franchise territories in North America, putting it just shy of Performance Bicycles’ 106 shop total for the highest number of bike shops under the same name here. Currently 78 Velofix vans are operating, with an additional 20 set to begin rolling in the next three months.  New Velofix operations will soon be running in Atlanta and in the Indianapolis area

Look Cycle recalls about 800 stems

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — Look Cycle is recalling about 800 Look Cycle Aerostems sold separately or as original equipment on some road bikes from model year 2014 through 2017. The carbon fiber stems have stainless steel clamps that can corrode and break, according to the U.S

Volata launches second ’smart bike’ model, to be delivered by Velofix

SAN FRANCISCO (BRAIN) — Volata Cycles, which received boatloads of media attention last year with the launch of its Model 1 smart bike, is launching a second model, the Model 1c, which will be delivered to U.S. consumers by Velofix mobile repair operations, where available

Lezyne adds custom route-building feature to its GPS devices

TAIPEI (BRAIN) — Lezyne has added a route-building function to its GPS cycling computers and watches.

CPSC lists recall that Haibike announced last month

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has now listed Haibike’s e-bike recall, which the company announced on Feb. 14 .

WFSGI committees discuss UCI standards prior to Taipei Show

TAIPEI (BRAIN) – As the Taipei Show prepared to kick off Tuesday, World Federation of Sporting Goods Industries (WFSGI) committees including the technical and disc brake committees met to discuss UCI standards such as aerodynamic regulations, weight limitation and disc brakes. WFSGI is in frequent discussion with UCI on behalf of the bike industry and most recently has lobbied for the acceptance of disc brakes in the pro peloton. During Tuesday’s committee meeting, it discussed the need for riders to make statements in favor of the use of disc brakes in the pro tour following an incident last month in which a rider attributed a slice in his shoe to a disc brake rotor.

E-bikes, lighting systems bright spots in Taiwan exports for 2016

TAIPEI, Taiwan (BRAIN) – There is little doubt that 2016 was a rough year for Taiwan’s cycling industry. Complete bike exports decreased just over 26 percent by volume, from 3.9 million units in 2015 to 2.94 million in 2016, and fell nearly 22 percent by value last year compared with 2015.  According to export data compiled by the Taiwan Bicycle Association, complete bike export volume to most foreign markets fell, including to Japan, one of Taiwan’s largest market in Asia, decreasing 31 percent to 187,000 units in 2016. Exports to China fell from 100,000 units in 2015 to 74,000 in 2011 — a decrease of just over 26 percent

PeopleForBikes releases survey to identify best communities for bikes

BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — PeopleForBikes is soliciting public opinions via a web survey to help identify bike friendly communities for its new PlacesForBikes program. The survey results will be combined with data from cities to produce the ranking.

Zombie apocalypse! What bike would you pick?

Let’s hope it never happens, but if the zombie apocalypse were to decimate the planet, what bike would you choose? There are a lot of considerations: do you have a home base from which you venture out occasionally, are you on the move constantly in search of safety, are you in a city or out in the country? 

All-out speed

Is a fast bike, like a road bike, the get-away answer? Zombies are notoriously slow and lumbering, so even if you had nowhere near Cavendish’s sprint, you could still most likely pedal away from the flesh eaters.

But what about the (I’m assuming) disheveled roads and broken, discarded remnants of society littering your every turn? What style of road bike makes the most sense: a race rocket or an endurance machine, carbon or aluminum?


All-terrain capable

While conceding a bit in all out speed, a mountain bike is generally able to take on difficult terrain pretty simply. Transitioning from the road to the woods and blasting around the city up and down stairs is all within a mountain bike’s realm.

But what if your suspension fails or you bang a wheel out of true? Which genre would you pick: an XC whip, enduro crusher, downhill sled or fat bike? 

Reliable tourer 

Perhaps you’ll have all your possessions haphazardly bundled together in children’s bookbags. Maybe you need to cover some miles and do so not with speed as much, but with reliability.

Electric bike

So over to you…

What’s your bike of choice when the world ends and the undead wreak havoc? And for a completely different take on the idea, what if the zombies figured out how to ride bikes themselves? What bike would you hope they were on? Let us know your thoughts and plans in the comments below.

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