PeopleForBike releases initial findings of ridership study

Thirty-four percent of Americans 3 and older bicycled at least once in the past year, survey reports. BOULDER, Colo. (BRAIN) — A new study commissioned by PeopleForBikes has found that roughly one in three Americans rode a bike at least once in the past year — a significantly higher rate of participation than previous research from other sources has shown.

June 15, 2014

Issue Highlights:? LAGUNA HILLS, Calif.

Census Bureau: Bike commuting has increased 60% in last decade

WASHINGTON (BRAIN) — The U.S. Census Bureau says the number of people who traveled to work by bike increased roughly 60 percent over the last decade, from about 488,000 in 2000 to about 786,000 during the 2008-2012 period.

Fred Clements: Webrooming, a trend that may help brick-and-mortar stores

A blog by NBDA executive director Fred Clements. Editor’s note:  This blog post was written by  Fred Clements , executive director of the  National Bicycle Dealers Association . Clements’ previous blog posts can be read on

Fred Clements: The Give-back factor

A blog by NBDA executive director Fred Clements Editor’s note:  This blog post was written by  Fred Clements , executive director of the  National Bicycle Dealers Association . Clements’ previous blogs can be read on

March 1, 2013

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Western Ave Is A Mess

Got this report today, thanks John! I was down here the other day, it most certainly is all torn up. In fact roads all over town are getting torn up right now, post more problem areas in the comments.


Map here

Western Ave in the Allston/Brighton area is a mess from Harvard Ave to Batten Way.

Pavement is dug up and is very dangerous for thin tires, mountain and city tires should be fine but watch the pavement edges (and manhole covers) as they are screaming for a pinch flat. Not sure when paving will be completed but I imagine it will be done before next Monday

Leisure Trends: February shop sales up 12%

BOULDER, CO (BRAIN) Thursday April 5 2012 9:45 AM MT— The research company Leisure Trends is reporting that bike shop sales in February were up 12 percent over the same month in 2011, likely due to warmer weather nationwide this year. Leisure Trends bases its reports on data from a sampling of retailers.

Australia report supports brick-and-mortar

MELBOURNE, Australia (BRAIN)—The Australian government is backing the cycling industry’s attempts to lower an import tax threshold that some say is threatening the viability of brick and mortar bike shops.

Accell Group Eyeing North American Brands

HEERENVEN, the Netherlands (BRAIN)—Dutch bike maker Accell Group has formed teams to scout acquisition candidates in North America and Southern Europe, according to a Dutch press report cited by the Bike Europe newsletter. The news comes two weeks after Accell Group reported it earned a €17 million windfall from its 22 percent stake in Derby Cycle. Accell Group abandoned its bid for rapidly growing Derby Cycle after it reached an agreement to be acquired by Pons Holdings, a Dutch company that owns the Gazelle bike brand.