BTI, Olympic Supply distribute Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip

MILWAUKEE (BRAIN) — BTI and Olympic Supply are distributing Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip and Brush Bags this year. Uncle Dick’s Bead Slip is a lubricant that helps bicycle mechanics with tough tire installations. “Feedback has been great, consistently good and dealers are happy to have a product that helps turn bikes faster.

This Is…Holy Crap This Is Amazing

This has got to be the craziest, most elegant solution I have ever seen to this problem.

This weekend I finally solved a particularly tough chain tension problem that I’ve been having on my winter commuter/guest bike with the addition of a “ghostring” or “ghost ring” or “ghost chainring” (I’m unsure of what the proper name for it is, if there is one). The idea is simple, but when first presented with it any well-seasoned cyclist will surely look askance at the contraption. I’m here to say: so far, so good!


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Pretty Good Advice

If you find it takes too long to get to your office by bike, you won’t solve the problem with a car. The problem is not that biking is too slow. It’s that you live too far from work! Keep biking to remind yourself of this, and the problem will solve itself, either through fitness or switching houses or jobs.

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