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They’re BACK!

The college kids have returned. For the next two days you will be able to find just about anything you ever wanted laying out on the curb (I call it hippy christmas), you will have more than a few moving trucks blocking your way, and there will be a flood of starry eyed, beautiful, dangerous young people flooding our streets.

I ride through Alston just about every day and today was THE WORST. It was all I could do to keep both wheels down the entire time, absolute anarchy in the streets, tomorrow promises the same.

Stay frosty out there people, keep your head on a swivel, look for j-walkers, people opening doors, people carrying heavy things in the streets, moving trucks, drunk students, screaming parents, and its supposed to rain frogs (just kidding about that one).

My advice would be to avoid Alston if you can (and parts of Brookline, Brighton, and points near BU, Harvard, MIT, North Eastern, ETC).

What is your “students are back” survival tips?

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