Danish Minister’s Meeting Room

This photo was posted on the Facebook page of Manu Sareen, the Danish minister for Gender Equality, Church and Nordic Cooperation. The caption he added was “We moved our meeting out in the fresh air.”

Such is springtime in Copenhagen. You get out as much as possible.

And nothing like a cargo bike to relax on. We do it here at Copenhagenize Consulting, too. Sareen rode his yellow Bullitt to meet the Queen when the recent government was formed.

Not a bad signal for a politician to send.

Copenhagenize the planet. And have a lovely day.

Public Meeting On Morton Street TONIGHT!

Got this in the email from dotbike, via the BCU


Public meeting on Morton Street’s Future

Would a raised cycletrack like this one make it safe for you use Morton Street to bike to work? This meeting may be an ideal place to ask for one.

This meeting held by MassDOT is set to discuss several aspects of Morton Street on the border of Mattapan and Dorchester. This street has been identified by the city as wide enough to have a cycletrack (otherwise known as a physically separated bike lane) from Harvard Street to Shea Circle in Jamaica Plain (which would connect you to the bike path slated to be installed there along with the Casey Overpass, which would connect to the SW Corridor and all the way to Back Bay Station), but the state would need to hear from the community in order to install one.

We’ll leave it up to you, the residents of Dorchester and Mattapan, to decide if you’d like to step up to the microphone and suggest they do just that!

Here is what’s on the agenda (you can see why this might be an opportune moment, lots of related stuff!):

  • Morton Street Bridge Replacement Project,
  • Morton St. Roadway Safety Audit,
  • Casey Overpass Planning Study
  • MassDOT Job Training Opportunities

Here are the details:
Public Information Meeting
November 22, 2011
Mildred Ave. School Auditorium
3 Mildred Ave.
Mattapan MA.

Casey Overpass Meeting Location Change

From the email.


Don’t miss this important meeting!

Monday, November 21

5:30-6:00pm Open House | 6:00-8:30pm
Public Information Meeting

William Hinton Laboratory-Auditorium,

305 South Street, Jamaica Plain, MA 02130 map>>

This will be the next-to-last public meeting and will present to the public at large the two alternatives from which a final solution must be chosen to go forward into the 25% design phase. As such, it is the most critical meeting in the process so far as it provides the forum for the general public to voice opinion on the two alternatives to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation. Here is a chance to redefine Forest Hills as not just a place that traffic passes through or a terminus for the MBTA but also as a vital community within Jamaica Plain.

We encourage you to show your support for the at-grade solution and attend the meeting if possible. We also ask that you spread the word about the meeting and let others know how important an issue this is for parks of the Emerald Necklace.

If you cannot attend the meeting, we urge you to send a comment letter in support of reconnecting the Emerald Necklace to:

John Romano at MassDOT ( and copy and your State Representative.