Update From Bikes Not Bombs

Our Bike Shop is moving out of 18 Bartlett Square.

After more than ten years, our award winning Bike Shop is moving out of 18 Bartlett Square in Jamaica Plain when our lease expires at the end of this year in December. In our recent Letter from the Director we shared our plan to move the Shop into the Brewery building with our Hub at 284 Amory Street providing increased visibility in an established business environment where we plan to build a seamless connection between our Bike Shop and Youth Pathways. By integrating our space, we plan to diversify apprenticeships for teens and increase participation among women, girls, and vulnerable communities in many aspects of our social enterprise beyond mechanics, including retail management, accounting, marketing, and leadership development. We plan to continue providing youth with income, tangible skills, connections to others and a safe space to grow as we recognize our full potential as a Bike Shop and Training Center for Youth, while continuing to feature expert mechanic services, refurbished bicycles, parts and accessories, and increased access to clinics on bicycle safety and mechanics. Please check our Unite Under One Roof FAQs, as we continue to share updates on our plan’s progress.

     Photo by Chris Leong

How You Can Help

Use the bicycle as a vehicle for social change.

It has never been more crucial to take action to stop climate change, and we are proud to be an organization that has been able to put both environmental sustainability and social justice at the forefront of what we do each and every day. Our commitment to keeping thousands of bicycles out of the waste stream by giving these bikes a new life and continued value whether shipped internationally or refurbished locally by our youth and shop staff means that more underserved communities have access to environmentally friendly means of transportation, mutually benefitting both the earth and its inhabitants.


Donate now.

Donating to support our mission is the best way you can ensure that Bikes Not Bombs’ Youth Pathways, International Partnerships and Bike Shop programs continue to grow. If each of the recipients of this e-newsletter donated just $10 today, we would be able to realize the dream of our Hub and Shop integration more fully by next year.


Shop our fall sale.

This weekend, Friday, October 19th 1pm-6:30pm, Saturday, October 20th 9am-4pm, and Sunday, October 21st 12pm-4pm, we will be having a Fall Sale at the Bike Shop.Everything (except service, repairs and labor) will be 15% off. This includes:

  • refurbished and new bikes
  • used and new parts
  • accessories
  • apparel

The more you buy, the less we have to move. Every dollar you spend at the Bike Shop will help ensure our local youth programs and international partnership work continues to thrive. Every time you buy a refurbished bike, you keep a bike out of the waste stream and give it a new life.


Take this short survey about our Bike Shop.

We value your feedback! By taking this short survey about our Bike Shop, you will help us understand what kinds of bikes and gear you’re looking for and how we may improve to serve your needs… and you just might win a BNB T-shirt! Please contact our Director of Learning and Evaluation, René Milet at rene@bikesnotbombs.org with any questions regarding this survey.

How to track stand on a mountain bike

BikeRadar has teamed up with the mountain bike coaching site Ryan Leech Connection to give you the first six parts of its Baseline Balance Skills for Mountain Bikers online course for free.

  • Click here for information on the full course
  • Check out Ryan Leech Connection for a full list of courses

The full course features 42 progressive video lessons designed to quickly boost your confidence and maneuverability on technical trails. You’ll eliminate foot dabs and gain flow. Track stands, hopping and rocking are radically transformative techniques that every rider can learn yet they’re often overlooked and under-utilised. You can learn these even if you’re a beginner, and if you’re an expert — it’s never too late!

Part 1: Track Stand Theory with Ryan Leech

What are your current perceptions about the difficulty of balancing in one spot on your bike? Whatever they are, let me help shape them or at least add some context so that your learning trajectory has no limits.


Even though you’re in one spot, you’re still moving! Movement is key to balance, both in the bike and body! For track stands, you’re actually rolling back and forth utilising gravity or body language (instead of relying on a fixed gear like on a track bike). This is the foundation for quality track stands.

This movement allows much more room for error than most riders initially think! For example, I challenge anyone to balance in one spot on their bike, with their front wheel straight, and their brakes on.

Without the bike moving, your body is left to desperately balance a bike that is fixed on one skinny line, impossible even for a balance master like me! However, simply by turning your front wheel to create a more triangular base of balance and allowing some rolling movement of the wheels makes the track stand a very accessible and do-able skill.

  • Click here for information on the full course
  • Check out Ryan Leech Connection for a full list of courses

You can read more at BikeRadar.com

Interbike, Ironman Team Up for Tri Crowd

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA (BRAIN)—Interbike attendees will have plenty of opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of triathlon thanks to special VIP access to the Ironman World Championship 70.3 the day before Interbike begins and an expansive Tri Zone at the expo itself. A new 2011 partnership with Ironman gives attendees a chance to see the Ironman 70.3 event on Sunday, Sept. 10 in nearby Henderson, Nev