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Today is Free Ride Day!
courtesy of High Brew Coffee

It’s National Coffee Day! Jump start your morning with a bike ride and an energizing can of cold brew coffee. Come see us at Hubway’s Aquarium Station or Congress Street Station from 7:30am to 9:30am where we’ll be dishing out free samples of High Brew Coffee to celebrate!
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This free day pass will be available only in the Hubway app on 9/29/17.

Free Hubway Ride Today!

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Today is Free Ride Day!
courtesy of High Brew Coffee

It’s National Coffee Day! Jump start your morning with a bike ride and an energizing can of cold brew coffee. Come see us at Hubway’s Aquarium Station or Congress Street Station from 7:30am to 9:30am where we’ll be dishing out free samples of High Brew Coffee to celebrate!
Get a Free 24-Hour Pass

This free day pass will be available only in the Hubway app on 9/29/17.

Hubway Is Expanding In Boston Voice Your Input On New Station Locations

Hubway is getting bigger and even better! The Boston Transportation Department is adding more than 70 new stations over the next two years.

The Boston Transportation Department (BTD) needs your help finding new locations in Boston for bike share stations! Starting this Saturday, BTD is hosting more than 28 workshops in neighborhoods all across Boston. You know your community best, so they need your input!

These workshops will be an opportunity for you to connect with your neighbors and discuss the best potential locations for bike share stations together.

Join the team and your neighbors at these September workshops:

Jamaica Plain – September 13, 6 PM – BCYF Hennigan, 200 Heath St
Dorchester – September 14, 6 PM – Grove Hall Library, 41 Geneva Ave
South End – September 16, 10 AM –  BCYF Blackstone, 50 W Brookline St
Mattapan – September 19, 6 PM – BCYF Mattahunt, 100 Hebron St
Roslindale – September 20, 6 PM – BCYF Menino, 125 Brookway Rd
Jamaica Plain – September 23, 10 AM – Connolly Branch Library, 433 Centre St
Back Bay – September 27, 6 PM – Central Library, 700 Boylston St
Charlestown – September 28, 6 PM – Charlestown Branch Library, 179 Main St

Visit for a full list of workshops and to learn more about how you can get involved in the planning process.

Can’t make it to a workshop in your neighborhood? No worries! Although each workshop will focus on the neighborhood where the meeting is held, BTD will have materials available to discuss all neighborhoods that are under consideration for the expansion. You are welcome to join any workshop.

BTD is looking forward to your feedback on this big expansion!

Hubway To Stay Open Well Into Fall, Expands With 11 New Stations

Hubway is going to try to stay open as long as they can this year, and just installed 11 new stations!


Just look at all them green dots! (the yellow are the new ones, and the grey planned, click here for interactive map)


From their email:

When you live in New England, you get used to feeling like it’s always about to snow. But with weather like we’ve been having lately, along with recent station expansion throughout the metro-Boston area, we’re excited about riding as far into Fall as we possibly can. See below for events this month in each of the towns and cities that make up Hubway. We invite you to post your Hubway pics to show us where you’re riding this month.

StationExpansionSeptember13NEW HUBWAY STATIONS


This past week, 11 new stations launched throughout the system, including the first ever Hubway stations in Jamaica Plain and expanding deeper into Southie and Charlestown! Riders were excited, and some were even moved to tears. Here’s a list of the new stations:



JP Monument – South Street @ Centre Street

JP Centre – Centre Street @ Myrtle Street
Hyde Square @ Barbara Street

Egleston Square @ Columbus Ave

Charles Street @ Beacon Street
West Broadway @ Dorchester Ave

South Boston Library – 646 East Broadway

East Cottage Street @ Columbia Road
Hayes Square @ Vine Street
Milk Street @ India street
BIDMC | Brookline Avenue at Burlington Street

View the entire Hubway station map here.

Please use the Spotcycle app for smartphones or Hubway Tracker

for up to the minute system information and bike/dock availability.

New Hubway Stations Going In This Week!

People hem and haw, but this system is getting bigger, its expanding into more areas, and people are using it in record numbers.  It might not be happening as fast as we like it, or in all the neighborhoods we want it in, but it IS happening.

With a prominent mayoral candidate from Dorchester in the news we can only hope that the cities largest neighborhood will be at the top of the list for next year.

Hubways are reliable forms of public transportation, and its vital all areas of the Boston metro area have access to them.

From The City:



New Hubway Stations – Installs Start This Week!

This week more New Balance Hubway stations start coming to:

South Boston

W Broadway - W Broadway/Dot Ave

S Boston Library - 646 E Broadway

* Pending 2 stations at Design Center  


Jamaica Plain

Egleston Sq - Columbus/ Washington

Hyde Square - Centre St/ Barbara St

JP Monument - Centre St/South St

JP Center - Centre St / Myrtle St

*Pending Jackson Square, Green Street, Forest Hills 



Hayes Square - Bunker Hill St / Vine St, Charlestown

Milk St - Milk St / India St, Downtown

BIDMC (3rd station) Brookline/Burlington, Fenway

Columbia Road - Mass Ave / Columbia Rd, Dorchester

Charles St - Charles St / Beacon St, Beacon Hill

*Pending Upham’s Corner


Special thanks to Department of Conservation and Recreation and the MBTA for supporting stations on their property.

…And More
$5 Subsidized Hubway Memberships available to
Boston residents who are receiving public assistance or have low incomes. Contact Najah Shakir at 617-918-4343 to enroll or visit: 
New Bike Maps Order your free bike map today. To get your map, email your name and address to: 

Holy Hubway: Hubway Set To Break A Million Trips

Hubway had a good year last year, with half a million trips before shutting down for the winter.

They reopened the service April 2, and as of May 7th had already logged 85,000 trips. If they keep up this pace the system should hit 1 million plus trips this year. See the email they sent me below.

We’ve made it! Another winter is under our collective belts and the miles are starting to pile up on the Hubway fleet. Did you know that since we reopened the system on April 2, riders have logged more than 85,000 trips? That’s right, Hubway is #RealTransportation.

Hubway is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Bicycle Benefits, your single source for discounts at local businesses throughout metro-Boston and beyond, available to you simply by riding your bike and wearing a helmet. Beginning May 1, every Hubway member will receive a Bicycle Benefits sticker in their new member packet! Affix the sticker to your helmet and you’re ready to enjoy exclusive savings at great local businesses! Already a Hubway member? Follow Hubway on Facebook and Twitter to learn when we’ll be out and about around town. Show us your Hubway key fob and your helmet, and we’ll hook you up with your own sticker! Visit for a list of participating businesses and to learn more about this great program.

And don’t forget that May is National Bike Month and here in Massachusetts, May 11th-19th is Bay State Bike Week. There are dozens of great events to choose from so get on a bike and ride!


85,000 trips during April (an admittedly cold miserable month) rivals some of the busiest months the system had last year, one can assume that once the weather is really nice the trip counter is going to smoke it goes up so fast.

One can hope that the success of the program will allow them to expand the system into Dorchester, and other under-served neighborhoods. These areas could really benefit from such a reliable and cheap form of transportation.

I personally have seen more Hubway riders in the last couple weeks than ever before, the streets are thick with them during commute times, and on the weekends. I love it, long live Hubway!

Nicole Freedman Is Back!

Great news, Nicole Freedman is back in the saddle as Boston’s bicycle director!

Nicole Freedman this week returned to her old job as director of the City of Boston’s bicycle programming, city officials announced.

Freedman, a Wellesley native and former Olympic bicyclist, worked as director of Boston Bikes from the program’s launch in 2007 until last April, when she stepped down from the post to take a job as the executive director of Maine Huts and Trails.

“Over the past five years, the program has made tremendous strides, but there’s always more work to do,” said a statement from Freedman. “We’re looking forward to another successful year of cycling in Boston.”

As director of Boston Bikes, Freedman has worked to raise awareness about bicycling in Boston, in an effort to make it more popular and safe, city officials said.

She oversaw major initiatives, including the launch of the Hubway bike share system and the installation of about 50 miles of bike lanes and 850 bicycle racks.

Freedman helped welcome the first professional bicycle race to Boston in nearly two decades, city officials said. Under her leadership, city helped donate more than 1,000 bikes to low-income residents and provided on-the-bike training to nearly 8,000 youth.

“In 2007, we set out to make Boston a world-class bicycling city, and Nicole was the clear choice for a leader who both shared that vision and had the passion to make it a reality,” said a statement from Mayor Thomas M. Menino. “Since her departure, Boston Bikes has continued to thrive and improve access for all cyclists, and we’re thrilled Nicole has joined us again to keep that momentum going.”

Freedman left her City Hall post as the so-called “bike czar” on April 20; her first day back was Wednesday. During her nearly nine-month absence, Kris Carter served as interim director. He will now return to his advisor to the mayor.

“I’m so excited to be back in Boston, and grateful for the vision of the mayor, and the work of Kris Carter and the team of people who have continued to lead Boston Bikes on a successful path,” Freedman said. (via)

I am very happy to see her return, Kris Carter did a great job, but nothing beats a dedicated bicycle director. Whoo hoo!

Hubway Had An Amazing Year, Plans On Expanding Again Next Year

The Hubway bike sharing system had a record breaking year, and is going to continue its steady expansion next year. With trips over 50% higher than expected, year round operation and steady expansion are in the works for 2013.

Hubway recorded 533,755 rides before shutting down for the season Wednesday night, pushing the cumulative total to 676,044 since its July 2011 launch, roughly 50 percent better than planners had hoped.

Now, officials are envisioning a future with Hubway running year-round and fanning out across all Boston neighborhoods and many surrounding communities, beyond the current 105 stations — 72 in Boston, 22 in Cambridge, eight in Somerville, and three in Brookline — and 1,003 bicycles.

“Everybody’s been calling,” said Jessica Robertson, transportation coordinator for the Metropolitan Area Planning Council, which helped Boston launch Hubway and expand across municipal borders for its second season. Cities as far off as Pittsfield and Portland, Maine, have inquired about starting satellites, while local communities, starting with Newton, want to tie into the existing map.

A typical station with bikes costs about $50,000 and requires $10,000 in annual subsidies, though operations are expected to be covered fully by user fees and advertising as Hubway matures. Those costs make expansion contingent on grants, private sponsorship, and local taxes, and the outward march is incremental — far-flung stations do not succeed in a system designed for short trips and rapid transit.

But a winterized Hubway could happen by December 2013. Current contracts and permits call for a nearly four-month closure, but the two-thirds of Hubway stations located on plazas and sidewalks could remain in place without posing an obstacle for street plowing.(via)

More information about the first Hubway rider to reach 1000 miles here. Kid is pretty nice.

Hubway Bike Share Data Visualized

Boston BikeShare Data Animation (Hubway) from Chris Whong on Vimeo.

This is absolutely fantastic. You can see people getting up late on Sunday, taking the Hubways home after the T closes, and the daily commutes. The Hubway system really is changing the way people get around town for the better.

This city is changing for the better, and we will all look back on these days as the “bad old days” when it was hard to get around by bicycle. It’s clear we are heading towards a more bike/walking/public transportation intensive, and less car oriented city. Our new bike friendly future can’t get here fast enough.

Much more data awesomeness here. (also thanks Ron for the tip)

5 Reasons To Own A Hubway Pass, Even If You Already Have A Bike

You see them all over town, as you ride by on your own bicycle. You might think to yourself, that looks fun, or thats nice, but you might never have thought “I should have a Hubway pass.” Below are 5 reasons why you should get your own Hubway pass.

You never know who you might need to take back to your house on a Hubway…

1. If you meet someone at the bar, you can Hubway them home instead of walking your bike next to them.
2. If your bike breaks down you can Hubway home get tools, and Hubway back to your bike.
3. If your friends come to visit and they don’t have a bike they can Hubway instead of making you take the T everywhere.
4. Hubway is open way past when the T shuts down.
5. If you left your bike at home and need to run out to get lunch but don’t feel like walking.

I am sure there are many others, leave your reasons in the comments.