Connecting Historic Boston With A Bike Path: Make Your Voice Heard!

Imagine a giant figure 8 loop around the downtown core of the city of dedicated car free cycle tracks for cyclists.



I really like this idea, I think it has potential as not only a way to see all the historic sights in Boston, but also as a downtown Bike Freeway system.  Providing a way to get around the core of the city (and beyond) on a high capacity dedicated bike way.

Most importantly it can be used as an foundation to build future infrastructure from.  Check out this meeting and attend to support this great idea!

got this in the email



Spread the word!  Nov 21st 6pm


Crucial meeting: Support a cycletrack on Causeway St!

The Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail is a proposal for “a family-friendly bicycle loop around downtown Boston.” To make Causeway Street family-friendly will require a physically separate bike lane (a.k.a. cycletrack) for bikes, and new improvements for pedestrians. The Boston Cyclists Union, LivableStreets Alliance, MassBike and WalkBoston invite you to show up and speak up at a meeting presenting a new plan for Causeway Street — a crucial link the proposed Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail downtown.


Public Meeting on Causeway redesign
Thurs., Nov. 21
CBT Architects
110 Canal St.

Find more information on the Connect Historic Boston Bike Trail here.

ProNet to distribute Clement in North America

HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO (BRAIN) —  Donnelly Sports, the licensee and manufacturer of Clement tires worldwide, has appointed ProNet Cycling to handle North American distribution and client service functions effective  June 1 . “Keeping pace with the growth of the resurgent Clement brand is daunting, especially in the time-sensitive cyclocross and gravel tire seasons,” said Donn Kellogg, GM of Donnelly Sports.

Finale in ‘Frisco: The BRAIN Tour does the city

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (BRAIN) — The BRAIN Dealer Tour of San Francisco wrapped up Thursday with a 20-mile jaunt around the city, ably led by folks from the  San Francisco Bicycle Coalition , who for the most part managed to route us around the steepest hills as we visited four shops, including one combination bike shop/cafe. We discovered a healthy market, with deep traditions in recreational road and mountain bike riding, supplemented by a skyrocketing use of bikes for commuting (up 70 percent in the last five years).

MassBike Spins: Historical Middlesex Canal Tour

Got this in the email, looks like fun.


MassBike Spins Presents:

Historic Bicycle Tour of Middlesex Canal

On Saturday, October 1, 2011, MassBike, along with the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission, the Middlesex Canal Commission and the Middlesex Canal Association will sponsor the 9th annual historic bicycle tour of the Middlesex Canal. The Canal was the “big dig” of the end of the 18th century. Completed in 1803 after 10 years of construction, the Canal connected the Merrimac River in what is now Lowell with the Charles River at Sullivan Square in Charlestown. In many ways it served as a model for later canals including the Erie Canal. The Canal remained in operation for 50 years, providing both passenger and freight service, but could not compete successfully with the Boston and Lowell Railroad which began operation in the 1830’s.

The ride will meet at the Canal marker on the Sullivan Square MBTA station at 9:00. From there we will ride about 28 miles to the Historic Mill Village and Canal Museum on the Millpond in North Billerica. We will make a lunch stop in Woburn, so we recommend that you bring a lunch. We should get to North Billerica in time for anyone who wants to catch the 3:07 train back to Boston. The ride will then follow the northern section of the Canal another 10 miles from North Billerica to Lowell and catch the 5:00 train back from there.

The route is pretty flat and level and we will average 5 miles per hour, so the ride will be an easy one for most cyclists. Along the way we will stop at a number of remnants and restored sections of the Canal, as well as the Mansion of Loammi Baldwin, the chief engineer of the Canal (who discovered the Baldwin apple while building the Canal), the two remaining aqueducts (which carried the Canal over rivers and brooks), and the northern end of the floating towpath that carried horses over the Millpond.

The ride will be led by MassBike member Dick Bauer of the Somerville Historic Preservation Commission and the Middlesex Canal Commission and Robert Winters of the Middlesex Canal Association. Helmets required. Steady rain cancels. For more information, contact

Dick at dick.bauer@alum.mit.edu (857-540-6293) or Robert at robert@middlesexcanal.org


For more information about the Middlesex Canal go to: http://www.middlesexcanal.org

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