Saris Cycling Group trims US distributor count


Devinci expands demo program to two rigs in the West

CHICOUTIMI, Québec (BRAIN) — Devinci has added a second demo truck in the U.S. Chris “Charlie” Manea is the company’s newest demo driver. He’s visiting dealers and bike parks in Colorado, Utah, California, Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico.

What does the industry think about Interbike’s move to Reno?

Is the 'reset' enough to revitalize the show?

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Detroit Bikes now shipping fully assembled bikes

DETROIT (BRAIN) — Detroit Bikes is now shipping its bikes fully assembled from its factory in the Motor City.

Detroit Bikes now shipping fully assembled bikes

DETROIT (BRAIN) — Detroit Bikes is now shipping its bikes fully assembled from its factory in the Motor City. Shipments of five units can be delivered anywhere in the continental U.S

Online consumers can choose to pick up Eddy Merckx bikes at local dealer or Velofix

MOUNT KISCO, N.Y. (BRAIN) — Online consumers who buy an Eddy Merckx bike through the company’s new e-commerce site can choose whether to pick up the bike at a Merckx dealership or have it delivered by a Velofix van, if there is one in their area, the company said.  Velofix announced Monday that Eddy Merckx Cycles had joined its Velofix Direct program , which provides assembly and delivery for several other brands.  EMC clarified Friday that consumers can also opt to pick up bikes at local dealerships.

Borealis Fat Bikes launches hybrid online sales program

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (BRAIN) — Borealis Fat Bikes has launched a new online selling program that the company said will protect its current dealers.  Brand founder and CEO Steve Kaczmarek said, “The balance between selling direct online while protecting our dealers is critical to the success of our brand! This new computer program now allows us to sell into areas where we don’t have a dealer with discount pricing but also allows us to maintain full MSRP in protected dealer territories. “This was a critical balance for our company and we spent a great deal of time and money developing this new tool.” Borealis developed a custom program where the actual price shown to consumers on their site will adjust by location. This allows any potential customer to immediately see the actual price vs.

Guru launches new motion-capture program for bike fit

WILTON, Conn. (BRAIN) — Dorel Sports’ Guru brand has introduced a new motion capture software program, called Range of Right, that be used with a dealer’s current Guru Fit system or adapted to be used with other fit bikes on the market. Range of Right uses Microsoft Kinect 2.0 camera technology to provide real-time rider body angles.

TerraTrike now distributing Schwalbe tires in hard-to-find sizes

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (BRAIN) — TerraTrike, which claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of recumbent trikes, is now distributing some hard to find tire sizes from Schwalbe. TerraTrike is stocking 20-inch (ISO 406) and 24-inch (ISO 507) Schwalbe models including the Big Apple, Land Cruiser, Tryker and Marathon in these sizes

Magura USA hires Bilsing for Bosch tech support

OLNEY, Ill. (BRAIN) —?Magura USA has hired Aaron Bilsing for Magura and Bosch sales and technical support for the East Coast.